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T-Ball is a co-ed league that is specifically designed to provide an introduction for both parents and players to baseball and softball that is based on developing sound fundamentals, physical fitness and, most importantly, having fun.

Each team will have two games a week, one during the week and one on Saturday. Games will consist of a 15 minute practice followed by the game lasting +/- 1 hour.

Games are typically 3 or 4 innings, but depends on the attention and behavior of the players.  It is the discretion of the managers on how many innings the game should be.

Each player should have their own bat, helmet and fielding glove.
The bat must be specified a "tee ball" bat.  Most sporting goods stores have a tee ball bat section.
Players should wear baseball pants to games.  White is the most common color, but is at the discretion of the player/parent.

OLL will provide each player and coach a team shirt and hat.

OLL will provide each manager t-balls, multicolored sports cones, first aid kit and ice packs. 
OLL will provide a equipment bag of items for outfield drills like tennis balls, bean bags, empty water cooler, playground ball, etc.
OLL will also provide 2 batting tees and hula hoops to be used as on deck circles and for some outfield drills.

The shared equipment bag, and 2 batting tees shall be stored in the a patio box on field.
Hula hoops should be hung on the fence with the clips provided.

Format of Game
Lineup Card Template Can Be Found Here
The manager should put out a different color cone for each of the positions: pitcher, first base, second base, shortstop and third base.  The manager can they say "go to first base - the yellow cone."
The player playing the pitcher position should wear a batting helmet.
There should be 5 players in the infield.
Any player that is not assigned an infield position should go with a coach to the outfield for fundamental and engaging drills.
Examples of outfield drills can be found here.

On Offense:
A dugout monitor should be assigned to let players know when it is their turn to hit and monitor their behavior in the dugout.
Every player will bat each inning.
Players should only run to one base out of the time, with the exception of when the last batter gets a hit.
The last batter will run around all of the bases, along with each player that is on base.

On Defense:
For every play, the fielder should throw the ball to first base.
No player should be declared out.

Little League International also offers some very helpful tools for the t-ball division:
T-Ball Program
Little League International T-Ball Site

Important Dates (2024)
3/30 or 4/6 (weather permitting): First scheduled practice
Week of 4/22: T-Ball games to start
T-Ball Picture Day: TBD

For any questions about the t-ball division, please reach out to Joe Smeraglino: [email protected]

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