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Assignments for Site Director, Snack Stand and Open and Closing

You can view those that are signed up site director, snack stand and opening and closing:

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Snack Stand

IT is the obligation of all parents/guardians to work their assigned shifts in the snack stands.  OLL relies on the revenue generated from the snack stands each year.

Team Managers are responsible for staffing the snack stand for all of your teams' home games so you should be expecting a schedule from each manager.

Each stand is shared by multiple fields:
- Roche is the responsibility of Goldberg & Roche  
- Plaskowitz is the responsibility of T-Ball, OT1, OT2 & Stankye

With multiple people scheduled from multiple games at the same time, it is the responsibility of the parents working to work out a schedule with each other.  The correct way to do this is by taking into consideration the game that starts first should take the first shifts.  For instance if the game on Goldberg starts at 5:30 and the game on Roche starts at 5:45, the Goldberg game should take the first shifts.  T-Ball is generally the first shift in Plaskowitz since they always end first, etc.  If games begin at the same time, then those assigned must work out an amicable shift change. 

Both stands have been equipped with a state of the art Square Register that can accept credit, debit and phone payment.  These registers may look intimidating but they are actually very user friendly. There will be simple instructions hung near them to assist.

Two important notes, please do not swipe for transactions under $5.  The league is charged for each swipe and if we swipe for minor transactions we are generally losing money.  Also, the registers have been set up to not open unless a cash transaction has been rung in, so, no change can be given unless an item is purchased. Please Please make sure that when you are ringing out you are pressing the right item.  For instance a Fruit Punch Powerade should be rung up just as that not a different flavor.  This will help with making sure inventory is right!!!  


A site director is an essential role for Orange Little League to act as a point person for the games assigned at Old Tavern during your time slot.  It is required that each manager or coach of every level sign up to be site director as least once during the season.  This person must sign up for a day or timeframe in which their team is not playing.

Responsibilities of the Site Director can be found here:
2022 Regular Season Site Director Duties

Members of the OLL Executive Board must take equal turns locking and unlocking the snack stands, press boxes and bathrooms for the days and timeframes they are assigned. 

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